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R. S. Brandriff is a writer and artist living in the American Southwest, writing poetry, prose, and microfiction about love, neurodivergence, and the apocalypse. Read more…

New microfiction will be posted here every Monday, and new poems every Thursday!

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    I am so excited to announce that I will have a poem, road trip, featured in Bullshit Lit’s first-ever anthology! Details will be coming soon. […]
  • black ice
    The bitter cold sank into their bones, wicked winds coming off the mountain peaks in waves to fresh over the cabin. The lamplight on the […]
  • haunted houses
    Specters crawled the creaky, rotting walls. For the living, they mourned. The world was degraded, the bitter pollution and terrible cities that ate away at […]
    The train kicked up coal dust and dead leaves into the air, rolling into the station in the tiny Appalachian town with cars full of […]
  • what lurks beneath
    They were twisted fae who climbed from the bogs with their sharp unblinking eyes and alligator teeth. Their stomachs ached and hungered for the flesh […]

what I’m reading right now

One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses – Lucy Corin

“Lucy Corin’s dazzling new collection is powered by one hundred apocalypses: a series of short stories, many only a few lines, that illuminate moments of vexation and crisis, revelations and revolutions. An apocalypse might come in the form of the end of a relationship or the end of the world, but what it exposes is the tricky landscape of our longing for a clean slate.” – Goodreads


I originally read this collection of short and flash fiction in my creative writing class in college (this is actually the book that started me down the road to writing microfiction), and recently returned to it; considering the world constantly feels like it’s going to shit, it felt appropriate. Corin’s haunting, dramatic, sometimes-tragic, sometimes-hilarious, always-self-aware fiction resonates with something in me as we watch the world slowly burn (also look at that cover!).

My favorite apocalypse – ‘Threat’

Buy it here

Pairs well with: green tea and a sense of ironic resignation

The City We Became – N. K. Jemisin

“Every city has a soul. Some are as ancient as myths, and others are as new and destructive as children. New York City? She’s got five.

But every city also has a dark side. A roiling, ancient evil stirs beneath the earth, threatening to destroy the city and her five protectors unless they can come together and stop it once and for all.” – Goodreads


I’ve just started this novel and if it were back in high school when I could demolish 450+ page novels in a matter of days, I’d have read it multiple times by now. Sadly, my reading pace has slowed to that of a snail, but that just gives me time to fully immerse myself in the magical, gritty world that N. K. Jemisin is crafting in The City We Became. I’m obsessed with how richly and skillfully she weaves together the different boroughs, and how vivid she creates New York, the city that refuses to be defined. In my completely amateur opinion, this is one of the best novels out right now, and will prove to be a defining work of the sci-fi and fantasy genres.

Buy it here

Pairs well with: coffee, sleep deprivation, and anti-capitalism


where can I find your work?

You can read some of my microfiction on Twitter @_hedgebones, and here on HEDGE BONES.

I’m currently submitting work to multiple different publications, and will update the works page as that develops.

what does ‘hedge bones’ mean?

hedge bones (noun) \ ˈhej bohnz \

A skeletonized cat's skull on a black background

It could be science fiction, fantasy, horror, moody literary fiction, an indie band, a web design firm, the name of a secret military operation in a pulp fiction space opera, an Etsy store that sells animal bones and embroidery made from thrifted materials, a weird 1980’s doomsday cult, a Netflix show that will get canceled after two seasons.

Or it could be just a random combination of words that popped into my head a few years ago that I jotted down in my notes app waiting for something to use it for and decided, hey, this works as good as anything else. Who’s to say?

what are you working on?

In my day job, I’m an IT specialist and web developer, and writing keeps me from sacrificing my laptop to an eldritch god in exchange for power over JavaScript.

I write poetry and microfiction, and I’m currently working on a post-apocalyptic novella and the first novel in an urban fantasy series. Check back here in the works section for updates, and keep up with me on Twitter!

I’m just here for the cats

Fair enough.

Their names are Trip (the grey/brown & white tabby) and Caffrey (the tuxedo). They’re needy attention whores who don’t pay rent and have full reign of the house, and make sure I get out of bed on the weekend.

Both cats were adopted from an animal rescue and cat sanctuary. When you’re looking for your next pet, please consider adopting. If you’re in America, visit the ASPCA at https://www.aspca.org/ to learn how you can get involved, or even find services near you.

Two young adult cats sitting side by side on a light-blue cat bed, with their legs tucked under their bodies in the "loaf" position. The one on the left is Trip, a grey and white tabby, and the one on the right is Caffrey, a black and white tuxedo.

(Yes, Caffrey was named after Neal Caffrey from White Collar, and he lives up to his name, the little criminal)